A Membership Club where actual locations are drawn throughout Toronto (transit accessible),
Canada.  Magnificent architectural exteriors,
interiors & wonderful landscapes you didn't know existed in Toronto will be explored & appreciated through
perspective drawing!

Life drawing classes help you to draw
  people better,
this is the "life drawing class"
for everything else!


    Sessions: 2021
Drawing sessions are usually on
    Saturdays 1 - 4 pm  with special
    "club access only" Friday / Sunday sessions.
  20 sessions (locations) are scheduled from
    May 22 - Sept. 4  See Calendar.

You will receive handout(s) professionally created for each location at the
   beginning of each drawing session, that will help you to understand and draw
   the location.
The instructor will draw the location first for you to observe.  You will receive
   further personal instruction throughout the session.
Photos will be taken of the location and sent to your e-mail so you can
   continue working on your drawing(s) after the session if desired.
While every effort will be made to have all 20 sessions, some may be
   re-scheduled or cancelled due to weather, illness, etc. and does not constitute
   refunds of any kind.
It is recommended that you have a working knowledge of perspective
prior to attending sessions.
                   Learn Perspective & Structural Drawing in Toronto, Canada at:

The locations & order they are scheduled to
   be drawn, is carefully selected to optimize
   learning.  It is recommended that artists join
   early to gain the most learning benefits.
Any location is within your artistic ability!
   Simply select areas within the location that
   you're capable of drawing.
You select which of the 20 available sessions
   (locations) you attend and draw, for the
   number of sessions you purchase.
We have special access to Toronto's most
   beautiful cathedral interior, hotel lobby, etc.

Once Club Members log in, they receive
   session details and extensive information for
   each of the 20 drawing locations available.

           Club Members Login
             Drawing locations are disclosed
                   to Club Members only

   Membership Card:
Your club membership is valid for the number of drawing sessions (locations) you select,
   for two years from date of purchase. 20 sessions are scheduled for summer every year.
Any membership includes a FREE 3 hour Drawing In Perspective Club instructional class
   ($33 value) on Sept. 6, 2018 @ 7 pm.
The card is not refundable, not redeemable for cash and is non-transferable.

  PayPal (Credit & Debit Cards), Cheque & Money Orders will be accepted.   No cash please.
  A PayPal account is not necessary to make a payment through their easy & secure service.
  You can see the PayPal site pages are secure by the URL address beginning with "https" -
  note the "s" at the end.  Paypal issues a receipt immediately when the membership is paid.
  Cheque or money order made payable to: Dale Desrochers.
       * HST not charged
         $99 *
        $198 *
        (Save $33)
        $296 *
Save $100)

    Supplies List:
   Chair : A comfortable folding stool or
     chair you can carry
   Art Surface : Drawing paper, sketch
     book or canvas, etc.
   Chipboard : A board placed under
     your drawing paper, to make it easier
     to draw on
   Your Rendering Medium : Pencil,
     charcoal, paints, etc.
   Other Instruments You Use :
Rulers, 90 triangle, erasures, pencil
     sharpener with shavings container,
     easel, etc. you decide
   Protection : Hat, sunscreen, etc.
   Hydration : Bottle water
   Must Wear : Shirt and shoes
   Smiles : Bring as many as you can,
bigger the better :)

Enjoy a Saturday outing while
Toronto &
locations to draw,
other fellow artists,

your artistic skills and
creating your
own art,...
all in the same afternoon.

   Contact Info:
Dale Desrochers   Program Director and Instructor
Phone   (647) 436-1077   Mon - Sun   9am - 8pm EST
E-mail   dale@DrawingInPerspective.com
Facebook   www.facebook.com/DrawingInPerspective
Twitter        @DrawPerspective

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