Student's Comments From Surveys

"You are a hugely talented artist and super instructor.  Your class is great and so are
you.  Here is a quote: I've enrolled in expensive courses at some of Toronto's most
highly ranked universities and colleges only to find myself in classrooms bursting to
capacity with too many students and mediocre or indifferent instructors.  Dale's course
costs half of the price of what you'll pay at most universities or private institutions and
he delivers twice the value.  Highly skilled and extremely knowledgeable about the
industry, Dale Desrochers is also very supportive of his students regardless of their
drawing level.  An essential for any serious visual arts student."            Toby Rodin

"You are a very generous person and I just wanted to let you know everyone
appreciates it so much.  You care greatly about people."

"Fantastic instructor! Amazing patience and definitely gives you one on one instruction
making sure you understand the lesson.  His sense of humor makes the classes fun.
I didn't want the program to end!"                                                          Tony Hendry

"Though I came to your first class slightly apprehensive as I've never drawn before,
you quickly made me feel comfortable and immediately knew I made the right
decision in taking your program.  I looked forward to every class and became more
and more excited as I could see how much I was understanding and learning in each
of your lessons.  I can DRAW NOW!  Thanks so much for everything Dale!!!"  Karen

"Made perspective drawing easy to understand.  Lots of attention paid to each student.
Helped me to understand the rules of perspective drawing."                         Agustin

"Your background is in the animation industry.  You are definitely an animated guy.
Thanks for making the classes so much fun Dale.
  This was honestly the best class I
had ever taken and you are my favorite teacher of all time!"                        Theresa

"I couldn't believe how much attention and help you give to every student.  I have been
to classes where I got lost and I was believing I would be lost so quickly in perspective
class.  From our very first class I learned so much and I never got lost because you
wouldn't let me :)  I look very forward to your intermediate class Dale."

"Dale is incredibly knowledgeable and his expertise in perspective drawing really came
through.  Dale is an excellent teacher as well."                                Diane Chiasson

                           WHAT DID YOU LIKE ABOUT THE PROGRAM?

"Everything! I tried learning perspective before and it was only frustrating and confusing
to me. I completely get it now.  Dale's method of teaching is great!  Thank you Dale."
                                                                                                             Susan Wilson

"I learned so much!!  I wish I had taken this program years ago.  I would have saved
myself so much time and frustration in my previous drawings.  My business would have
been so much more profitable as well, time is money!  Even my clients noticed my
drawing skills hugely increase."                                                                      M. Lee

"Dale's extreme patience and kindness, and very thorough and knowledgeable."
                                                                                                         Diane C

"Simple, I know perspective drawing now!"                                    Marcus Trapasso

"At the end of our classes, I couldn't believe how many drawings we actually did, how
much we covered and learned!  The order of the classes was logical too and I never
felt like I was learning too much or too little in each class.  I definitely learned a lot more
than I could ever have expected.  Best money I ever spent for classes!"  Tom Redson


"I have a Master of Architecture Degree.  During my 4 years of study, we never
picked up a pencil to actually draw.  Using AutoCAD in front of a client was
awkward, unimpressive and took too long to get ideas going.  I needed to be able
to instantly draw in front of my clients.  Now I can and they are instantly impressed!

"I have taken some perspective classes before but I could never remember what I
learned.  I can remember everything we learned now because you explained how to
draw something and with logical reasons.  It is helpful for my interior design work."
                                                                                                              Sanjay Singh

"No previous training.  I wanted to learn how to draw for my interest in painting.
I taught myself how to use paints but I couldn't teach myself how to draw.  I knew I
needed to understand perspective in order to draw.  I can draw so much better now so
I don't waste my expensive paints.  Thank you for your classes Dale!"
                                                                                                     Alexandra Mihailov

"I have so many books about learning perspective and I gave up trying to learn to draw
for years because the books where too hard!  I am happy becoming an artist now!"

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