Student Emmanuelle Gomez

"Dale brings his numerous years of vast experience and knowledge of art and
animation into the classroom to help aid in his teaching.  Dale is able to explain
concepts and ideas repeatedly till you understand it and has the most patience I
have come across in any instructor in my last 22 years of schooling.  Dale exceeds
your expectations with the attention he provides to all his students whether it is to
answer questions, repeat concepts, or even talk about stuff outside the classroom.
I looked forward to every class and every class had me looking forward to the next
one - especially to learn something new and different but, most of all, to learn it
from an extremely patient and extremely knowledgeable yet fun."

                           WHAT DID YOU LIKE ABOUT THE PROGRAM?

"I liked everything about the program.  Ever since the first moment I met Dale to the
last class I have had with him, it has been nothing but a combination of fun and
interesting conversations with a whole lot of teaching of perspective drawings in the
most comprehendible ways possible.  Each class was a better experience than the
previous one.  The class helped me make numerous drawings and changes to
already existing ones to enhance them and express my knowledge in perspective


"I had very little to almost no training in perspective drawing.  And my art training
was just high-school art classes and nothing else.  Prior to taking Dale's perspective
drawing classes I had an Architectural Drafting Certificate, yet had no knowledge
about perspective drawing.  In my 3 years of schooling, I never received the
appropriate training needed to create perspective artwork.  Through Dale's class I
have been able to make a successful portfolio that impressed the portfolio committee
for a school I had applied to in Australia.  I eventually got in and in 3 years time, I will
be a proud graduate of a Masters of Architecture program from a prestigious university
all thanks to perspective drawing classes I took from a person named Dale Desrochers."

                                                                                 Emmanuelle Gomez

                                Facebook Page Posts

"Great program - really gets into what perspective is all about.  Provides a good
overview of the technical and non-technical aspects of perspective.  And lots of great
handouts to work with after the course is over.  Highly recommended."
                                                                                             Todd Herzog  ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"I highly recommend this Art Program!!!!!  It has helped me so much in my profession!
Thank you Dale! You're an excellent instructor!
"                    Brian Song
  ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"Dale is a great teacher that will make sure you really understand all the rules and
concepts and know how to apply them.  Thank you for being a great teacher to me at
the course I took with you 5 years ago."
                                   Kay Pluto

"Really loving the work we are doing Dale and the film lesson in framing is wonderful!
Thanks for the help and teaching us!!"                              Steven Tocher

"It's cool to look at something that looks impossible to draw and then be able to draw
it cause Dale taught me how!  Great thing about Dale is you feel comfortable to say,
"I'm lost" or "I need help" without feeling like an idiot or feeling like you're bothering him,
cause he's willing to help. Thanks Dale!"                               Lisa Tocher

"Fun, informative and very effective for those needing / wishing to get a handle on
REAL perspective and structural disciplines.  Really enjoyed the classes, and would
highly recommend Dale!"                                     Shelley Fraser-Saywell

"Amazing class!  As an architectural designer, this class prepared me well and gave
me confidence in drawing perspective architectural drawings, especially in the
presence of clients. Thanks Dale!"                                     Peter Darmos

"This is a really great class! Really helps with understanding the rules of perspective!
Thanks for all your help Dale :)"                                        Eleanor Martin

"I completed this drawing after the second class of Dale's Perspective Drawing
program.  Previous to Dale's program, I had no art school drawing or perspective
training.  This drawing was done for my Interior Design portfolio.  Thanks Dale!"

Eric Cummins

"Great Course! Needed to have a portfolio for Ryerson's Interior Design program.
Started the class with zero drawing experience, but was able to put together a
portfolio worthy of being accepted into Ryerson's intensely competitive program.
Thanks so much Dale!  Wouldn't have been able to do it without you.
                                                                                           Eric Cummins  ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

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