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Student Tegwen McKenzie

"I finished this drawing after having completed both of Dale's beginner and intermediate programs. Apart from his classes, I had no previous art nor perspective training. Taking Dale's classes equipped me with not only the skills to tackle a large scale drawing, but certainly the confidence.
Thank you so much for posting this, and for your wonderful classes, Dale!"


Student Alexandra Hutchison

Thanks for posting my drawing, Dale! I learned so much in your class- including how to approach and work-out more complicated geometries. I did embellish using a few photoshop images, namely the lighting and the mirror- but the rest I did by hand. Thanks again- it was an excellent course and one I know I'll return to over the coming years for a refresher!"


Student Rob Dales

"Thanks for posting this Dale, I'm enjoying the class!"

Student Eric Cummins

"Great Course! Needed to have a portfolio for Ryerson's Interior Design program. Started the class with zero drawing experience, but was able to put together a portfolio worthy of being accepted into Ryerson's intensely competitive program.

I completed this drawing after the second class of Dale's Perspective Drawing program. Previous to Dale's program, I had no art school drawing or perspective training. This drawing was done for my Interior Design portfolio.

Thanks so much Dale!  Wouldn't have been able to do it without you.
Eric Cummins"



Student Jojo Jeb

"I found both beginner and intermediate classes to be great I had learned alot from Dale. Before taking his classes my first attempt at drawing a room discouraged me a bit I wondered if I would truly ever be able to do better than what I had made but I learned more about perspective through the classes than I did at art fundamentals and even books on the subject had intimidated and confused me so they were awesome classes and even now I wish to practice more by hopefully learning and remembering what I was taught at perspective and structural drawing."

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