Instructor's Welcome


Hello, my name is
Dale Desrochers

Welcome to my
art program
Perspective &
Structural Drawing

for the
Visual Arts !

It can't be over emphasized how important it is for
an artist to have a solid, working proficiency in
perspective & structural drawing if they need or want
to draw well, realistically or even impressionistically.

My students come to my program after realizing that it's
their lack of perspective drawing knowledge & skill
that's been holding them back from becoming the
accomplished artist they desire to be.

I designed and teach my

perspective & structural drawing program
for very simple reasons:

1)  Many art schools don't offer this knowledge at all
(qualified instructors are hard to find) or don't focus nearly
enough on this fundamentally indispensable artist's skill.
            Perspective drawing can't be learned in
         just a few classes as most schools suggest!

2)  If a perspective program is available anywhere, it is
usually only offered as part of a larger whole curriculum
making it inaccessible to most people.  If offered
separately, it is almost always very expensive.

3)  Many perspective instructors don't really know
perspective drawing or approach it in an illogical,
incomprehensible manner.

4)  Trying to learn perspective from a book is often quite
confusing as many books are
vague, too technical
without understandable explanations or simply wrong.

I've strived to fill this large void in essential art training
with my very accessible, comprehensive and
perspective & structural drawing program.
You will definitely receive personal instruction in my
dedicated effort to have every student understand
and remember all the concepts and logic behind
everything we draw.

I invite you to read Student's Comments about my
program.  Also, you will see
genuine smiles if
viewing the Inclass Photos.  Most everyone tells me
that they have fun while gaining this valuable
knowledge in my classes.  Perspective drawing
doesn't have to be stressful and frustrating to learn!

Thank you for viewing my program site and please
contact me with any questions you may have.  If you
come to class, bring a desire to learn, plenty of
smiles,… and a pencil & paper might also be helpful!

            Have a wonderful day :)
                 Dale Desrochers
                 (Program Director and Instructor)

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